Apps Your Iphone X Cannot Live Without

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With the new extra large, side to side screen of the iPhone X, some apps might not make the transition to it as well as others do.

However, this is something that is beginning to change, with more apps coming on the market which are customized for your iPhone X.

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Previously, it might not have been so easy to run Spotify on your iPhone, but now a version that is compatible with your all new iPhone X has arrived and we are confident that you will not be disappointed.

Now it is even easier to scroll up and down to see all your music and albums on Spotify.

New, improved and a synch to operate, this is the same old Spotify, but made to measure for your iPhone X.

And it’s free! What more do you want.



This clever little password manager is one of the most innovative on the market and makes use of the Face ID that comes with the iPhone X.

That’s helpful, because instead of having to input lots of data – which, if you have forgotten your password already, you have most likely also forgotten – all you have to do is present your face to the phone.




If you are someone who likes watching movies on your smart phone, but were unsure about whether the iPhone X was going to be the right format to do it on, then worry no more.

Netflix have now customized their app to take in the new specifications of the iPhone X. Movies will now screen beautifully in full screen mode.

If that is not really to your taste, then you can still opt to watch them in the more traditional manner, with a black edge around them.

Catch up on all your favorite TV shows, box sets and movies on the go, anywhere, anytime!

$10.99/ MONTH



Quality scientific calculator on the go! Do hard sums fast, with the Numerical2 which helps you speed up, doing fractions and other complex arithmetic, by improving the input.

With capacity to input concepts such as Pi and infinity, at the touch of a button, this is both a practical and stylish app that works beautifully with your iPhone X fully.


Halide is one of our favorite apps for photography, even regardless of the iPhone X. But this is now optimized for the new iPhone X and works excellently with its edge to edge screen.

This app has a nice and tidy interface and we like the depth that it gives.

The features display nicely around the hardware of the actual phone and the whole thing just works perfectly – give it a try!




Holo is a free app which will add holographic images into your photos and pictures.

These differ from just standard 2D pictures, because they are 3D holographic images, which can be turned around and viewed realistically from all angles and be manipulated also.

The holographic images are of people and animals and these can be taken as close up photos as well as videos, to look realistic and lifelike.

Then you can save these to your camera roll and share them via social networks and other platforms.



You are probably going to want to put YouTube on your iPhone X, but might have been concerned about the effect of watching videos with the notch in the screen.

Therefore, YouTube gives you the option of still watching these videos in the ‘old fashioned’ way, with a black box around them. Or it can be viewed in full screen edge to edge glory.

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